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Outerwear Clothes - Jilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket
Jilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket  thumbnailJilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket  thumbnailJilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket  thumbnailJilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket  thumbnailJilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket  thumbnailJilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket  thumbnail

Jilted Royalty Outlaw Varsity Jacket

  • Price: 65.00 95.00
  • Brand: Jilted Royalty
  • In stock
  • Description
    SKU: J1420301
    Color: black/black

    Fabric: 100% cotton

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About brand

As a child growing up, I experienced the kind of life that most of society read about but never get to see. I was the kid at school that the other moms and teachers felt sorry for. They could see something that I was oblivious to. I suppose after being in a situation for so long it becomes your normality and you know no different. At the age of eleven I was sent away from my mom to live with my dad and it wasnt long before I realised that my upbringing had not been the same as most other kids. The effects of growing up in that environment had taken its toll on me. I was unaware of it, but to others, my terrible behaviour was an obvious sign. I lead a dysfunctional life especially at school life and by the age of fifteen I was addicted to Heroin. The next five years of my life were insane and I count myself lucky to have made it through this period alive. At the age of twenty, after many relapses I finally managed to stay clean. This time it was different. I knew that chapter of my life was over and I quickly found a new addiction ... 

Tattoos! I began getting tattooed seriously from the age of twenty one and every two weeks I woud be in the studio adding to my collection.  By now, two years clean, I had started moving in dark circles. The streets can be wild at times and sometimes it seemed like a free for all but over the space of one year I had narrowed things down and was working with only one partner. Everybody else worked with us, through us, or not at all. This brought great rewards and nothing was out of my reach. I was living the high life, money was in abundance and my standard of living had no limits but without realising it I was on a downwards spiral.

I reached twenty five when the turning point came. I was out one night in another city with a couple of girlfriends. While we were trying to relax and eat, a group of men who were drinking at the bar began causing problems. One man in particular was acting inappropriately and was clearly fixated on my unusual looks. He approached me, perhaps trying to impress his lads .... The storm was over before it had even begun and I doubt he will make the same mistake again ..... I was then sent to prison.

Over the years I had been sent to many counsellors and psychiatrists to try and workout why I was stuck in this pattern of behaviour. Through these many sessions I had studied the process they go through when diagnosing someone and throughout my sentence I continued this process starting from the beginning of my life until that present day, aged twenty five. It helped me understand many things about myself, including being able to confirm what psychiatrists already thought, that I have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). As they say, acknowledging you have a problem is the first stage to finding the cure. My „work“ continued throughout my sentence and for a while after my release but my business partner soon received twelve years for a shooting and other offences. I knew then I had had enough and it was time for change!

My background has moulded me into the strongest minded person I have ever met. To this day, and every day, I continue to practice the process of self diagnosis that I learnt in prison. I know myself inside out and exactly how to keep myself on top of things. There is nothing that I cant deal with! I thank my Dad too. He raised me the „old school“ way. He is an amazing man, strong morals, loyalty, respect, honour and pride.

All these things I have learnt from him and are the foundations on which the Jilted Family is built. I take pride in my work and in my appearance, I have always customised and made clothing for myself but two years after being released from prison I met a well-known tattoo artist and it was through her creativity I was inspired to take things to the next level. Hand making garments with my obsessive attention to detail is very time consuming, over time things changed direction and my brand began to take shape. Then finally, in 2009, Jilted Royalty was born. All Jilted garments are cut and sewn. Its not about money, its about quality. Its a family business and we dont settle for second best. Ever!

Incentive to created and market his clothing and accessories provided by none other, and one of Jay tattoo artists. But the Jay firmly states that Jilted Royalty Quality is more important than quantity. Its like a family business (by the way, as written and on the products). The aim was to make collections, and the first time: debut collection consisting of t-shirts and jumpers was released only 50 pieces. And when they all were like since redemption requests came reissue collection, but the founder had already decided. Until now, each Jilted Royalty product designs created by the J.Read. And if he can not imagine himself wearing a newly developed product, meaning it will not trade.

He says that the inspiration comes from various stages of his life - the ups, downs, past, present, of all things Jay inured life environment. He finds references from everywhere, these are the perks of having lived an unusual life. And while Jay follows other streetwear style makers, treat them with respect, but never tried to replicate them, to conform to current fashion trends. An authentic and unique style was immediately noticed, not only by fans. In 2012 Jilted Royalty observed potential and the cooperation began with well-known dark "streetwear" apparel creator of Black Scale. In the future such collaborations emerge more as Jilted Royalty have already started to grow, not only in England, Europe and the United States and Canada. Jay says that because more time to spend on his office not only creating new designs, but studying other apparel manufacturing secrets. And all of these efforts so that customers are more satisfied with Jilted Royalty products. Jilted Royalty - a genuine, unvarnished life style inspired outfits and accessories to doubt the quality is not worth.

....You are whatever you make yourself to be, THE WORLD IS YOURS! Jilted Royalty is not just a clothing brand .... Its a way of life!

JILTED = Cast aside without warning

ROYALTY = Power, Status + Authority


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