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Outerwear Clothes - Crooks and Castles Do Dirt Woven Denim Jacket
Crooks and Castles Do Dirt Woven Denim Jacket  thumbnailCrooks and Castles Do Dirt Woven Denim Jacket  thumbnailCrooks and Castles Do Dirt Woven Denim Jacket  thumbnailCrooks and Castles Do Dirt Woven Denim Jacket  thumbnail

Crooks and Castles Do Dirt Woven Denim Jacket

  • Price: 36.00 72.00
  • Brand: Crooks and Castles
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  • Description
    SKU: I1360303-IND
    Color: indigo vintage wash

    Fabric: 100% cotton

Selected size:L

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About brand

Some manufacturers are inspired by nature, the other one and the other the world of sport, others are just minor details. Clothing and accessories manufacturer Crooks & Castles was inspired while ... bad guys. The bad guys from the movies, comics, or our lives. Crooks & Castles was founded in 2002, has been Calvera Dennis and Emil Soriano, who themselves admitted in a "scam", but they have been affected by another way of life - it is called streetwear movement. These two founding fathers of a major effect on the 9th or 10th decade in Los Angeles and its culture, its boiling lives.

The very name of the company reveals her idea. According to the developers, "Crooks" (from the English. Logged. Translated scam) - this criminals, thieves, pimps, pimps, and "Castles" - people who have become extremely wealthy by being a scam. In "Castles" concept included people such as Bill Gates, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John. D Rockefeller. These are the people whose desire to get rich will stop at nothing. As he himself says Dennis: After every wealthy hiding fraudsters. Therefore, Crooks & Castles uses such ideas through which a person becomes a multi-millioner and it is trying to convey their own clothing line. While manufacturers such as Gucci, Prada, Armani applies the same ideas in their vehicles, they focus on high income generating personalities, and Crooks & Castles everything turns upside down, and its stylish, luxurious outfit trying to make it accessible to all people.

This Crooks & Castles concept was an immediate recognition. The company clothing has been seen stars such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nas, Fabolous, Jadakiss and many others. Although initially Crooks & Castles t-shirt produced only now the company a lifestyle developer and offers clothing from the toes to the head, appeared in women collections of children clothes. Crooks & Castles obsession infected not only stylish, energetic people, but other manufacturers appeared in collaborations with such global names like Vans, Mitchell & Ness, Mosley Tribe. Although the company headquarters in Los Angeles, she now has stores in other cities of the USA and Japan.

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