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Outerwear Clothes - adidas Originals WMNS Parka Jacket
adidas Originals WMNS Parka Jacket  thumbnailadidas Originals WMNS Parka Jacket  thumbnailadidas Originals WMNS Parka Jacket  thumbnailadidas Originals WMNS Parka Jacket  thumbnail

adidas Originals WMNS Parka Jacket

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  • Brand: adidas
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    SKU: AY4769
    Color: black

    Materials: 60% polyester / 40% nylon
    lining: 100% polyester

Selected size:36

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About brand
Adidas is one the most recognised sporting brands in the world today. Whether it is the 3 Stripes or the Trefoil, the brand is well known to most people and a leading company in the athletic sportswear. Its is not just associated with sportswear alone but Adidas has become very big as a fashion brand. Adidas as company is divided into 3 parts, Adidas Originals being the fashion brand of the company.

Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler was the founder of Adidas all the way back in 1924. Back then it was named something completely different but he was also in partnership with his brother Rudolf Dassler, but this partnership did not last too long as they parted company and Rudolf set up another company who would later become Puma. Adolf Dassler registered Adidas AG in 1949 as the brand he wished to progress under and that was the beginning. 

One of the first people to wear Adi’s shoes at a major event before the emergence of Adidas, was the great Jessie Owens. Adi took a long trip to get to the Olympic Village to see Owens and persuaded him to wear his spiked shoes, specially made for the games. Owens did wear them and with these he went on to win 4 Olympic Gold medals. After the games letters started arriving about other teams wanting the footwear that was work by the famous sportsman and before they knew it they were selling 200,000 pairs of shoes a year and this was before the time of the second world war.

Adi’s vision was to provide every athlete with footwear for their respective discipline, and this was the principle that he used up until his death in 1978. After his death, Adi’s wife and son took over the business and took strides to progress it to the next stage. Under the guidance of Adi’s son Horst, the company perfected the opportunities offered by sports promotions but also from this Adidas became a leading innovator in the sports marketing field.

In 1987, Horst Dassler suddenly passed away, and with his death the company went through a tough time of struggle. 1989 saw Bernard Tapie buy the company and start to ship production to Asia, but come 1992, Tapie could not afford to carry on a financial agreement with the bank so they agreed to sell the company on in stepped Robert Louis-Dreyfus who was a friend of Tapie. 

Dreyfus begun his transformation to give the company much needed stability and guidance, so he began to initiate the come back of the Adidas three stripes.


Over the time of Tapie and Dreyfus, they began to look at the future for ways in which Adidas could grow and develop new products than the original footwear and sportswear. Tapia introduced Adidas Equipment to the brand in 1991, a move to help generate more sales through a difficult period for the company. Come 1992, Adidas began to then try to address the younger market with their new products targeting them specifically.

Adidas and their design innovations as a company have made big break troughs’ in many different areas of sports. In the mid 90’s the Adidas Predator football boots were introduced and are still around with gradually modifications over time. In 2000 they produced the ‘Energy Maintenance’ range which was targeted at 6 sports, Swimming, Track & Field, Cycling, Fencing, Weightlifting and Wrestling. At the Olympics that year, Australian Ian Thorpe won 3 Gold Medals wearing the Adidas Energy Maintenance full body suit.

2003 bought along an advertising campaign which brought old and new sports personalities together to express some of their favourite moments wearing in life, but all have been associated with Adidas. The ‘Impossible or Nothing’ Campaign brought people like David Beckham, Muhammad Ali, Jonah Lomu, Lionel Messi just to name a few who participated.

The French national football team won both the World Cup in 1998 and The European Championships in 2000 wearing Adidas, but the unexpected Greece national football team also won the 2004 European Championships wearing Adidas.

In 2006 Adidas acquired Reebok which then bought together two recognised sporting brands. The capture would help to push further in the US as Nike was the main market leader in the US for sports equipment. A target to be number one which always has and will be with Adidas.

Adidas will always remain one of the great pioneers in sporting products and over tie have shown their various products produced with quality. The standards will not drop and the quality will only get better as it always has from the beginning.

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