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If you are interested in, where you get one or the other so-called street-wear style clothing manufacturer, chances are that hit the U.S. or Japan. However, designer proudly remind the Europeans and the world-renowned WeSC - street-wear designers from the Swedish name. Wesco or a longer: "We are the Superlative Conspiracy" was born in 1999 in Sweden, Stockholm. Initially the brands have launched their activities in support of the Swedish underground music scene, skaters their first clothing. This they did without using any other type of marketing. The most famous first WeSC "helpers" of the Swedish hip-hop artist Looptroop and Timbuktu. This helped the company to gain underground, "alternative" clothing image, which turned out to become very popular among young Swedes. Although they captivated atypical creator idea still WeSC breakthrough resulted truly original and fresh clothing styles for both men and women.


True, it is interesting to note that later, when the WeSC was not a small, mysterious, and of course clothing manufacturer not only in Sweden but also in Europe and the United States, some of which have been underground musicians regretted that were part of a WeSC. Rapper Promeo a magazine said that the support of WeSC was a big mistake. But now, WeSC has supported a number of representatives of the world of music, such as: Jason Lee, Beth Riesgraf, Peter Stormare, Chad Robertson, Jerry Hsu, Millencolin, Mikael Persbrandt, Kim Matulova or Kaskade.

The most notable breathrough took place in 2009, when Oved Apparel Corporation acquired the rights to sell WeSC products in the U.S.. For this, WeSC has received as many as 16 million dollars and 10 percent of the total Oved Apparel sales in the U.S. for WeSC clothing and accessories. This has not only become popular even further, but also to expand and enter the skate, snowboarding and other active sports culture or how to say the producers join WeActivists. And it is and athletes, performers, artists, writers, photographers, chefs and everyone else who supports and maintains WeSC

What is the company philosophy? WeSC creates and delivers an outfit inspired by the skateboarding, music, art, fashion cultures, all of which brings together and presents active, vigilant and creative people. According to the creators of which is non-brands clothes, and life ways WeSC admired.

What are the next clothing makers who supply their products to over 31 store, which are located all over the world? Continue to look active and unique minded from anywhere in the world and, of course, continue to dress in exceptional clothing.

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