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Supra - this footwear, which is decorated with a crown logo, bondage in sneaker culture fans, musicians, actors, designers, artists, skateboards heart. Supra guys made the impossible thing - in the shortest period of time and unknown brand, they turned the cult.This was brewing history - a one-man Angel Chabad biography. He was the founder of the KR3W and Supra. 1991 Angel Chabad has set up his first company in TSA Clothing. Of course, it was for skateboarders clothing brands - after all, also the sport Аngel representative. This Brendas existed not so short - 10 years, did not receive an extremely successful. It is now generally little remembered. Angel leaves us and that after a few months of closing.


In 2002, Angel Chabad set up a new brand for skateboards as well as clothes. We are talking about Kr3w Apparel. The company produces a simple and functional clothing for boys, running around on skateboards. Chabad already has 10 years of leadership experience in a similar production and is able to find a middle ground - occupies one of leading places skate apparel industry.

Angel decides to keep going at the Chabad reached, further develops and expands the boundaries matured. His mind is born to grand plans to conquer the footwear market. He also wants to produce shoes that can perfectly complement the clothes. On skateboards spent almost 17 years ago, this man knows what is needed for such as he. Chabad wants to create shoes that can be worn not just driving around skateboarding, but also to go to a club or town.

Chabad Angel investing $ 100,000 in the footwear market research, and the first models. The model sketches to reach the Internet, the majority  not supported the Chabad crazy, laughed at their designs and thought nothing of it will not. But the saying goes: "he who laughs last laughs longest." In 2006, Chabad set up Supra Footwear brand, which is meeting today in film, music stars, fashion pursuit of valuable youth and everyone else. By the way, Supra, translated from Latin, means "above and beyond the limits be normal." Well, the name itself is justified. Within 4 years old Brenda is a crazy idea turned into a cult.

It may be that the company would not be famous for, if not the team, which consisted of skateboarders-stars: Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Terry Kennedy, Chad Muska, Tom Penny, Antwuan Dixon, and Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo. Each of them has its own nominal shoe model. Avintes Supra footwear was seen personalities such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Lil Jon, Jeremih, Fall Out Boy band members and many other young idols. Jay-Z decided to still more serious step - their own Supra VAIDERE he wore during U.S. President Barack Obamas inauguration.

Supra Shoes – its more than just shoes. Supra Shoes - a way of life.

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