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Reebok company and its traditions of older times than any similar company, which exists to this day. Worldwide famous brand story began with a simple desire for a special person to have good footwear. Probably Joseph William Foster guiding principle: "If you want to do something good - do it yourself".In 1895, the English town of Bolton, lived Joseph William Foster joined the local running club in Primrose Harrier. Foster admired athletics and participated in competitions. At that time, the runners biggest problem was a bad grip on treadmill, so he decided to buy a pair of studded running shoes. However, not finding them in stores, decided to create these shoes himself. Joseph William Foster decision was very simple and promising. He also became the technical innovation in sports beginning. The sole of your running shoe is attached by a few nails and produced the worlds first-studded shoes. It became the first pair of Foster footwear.


1900 Joseph greatly improved the production of shoes - he even took their own business. Formed in a small private company JWFoster & Sons, which was hand-made shoes for athletes. , There was no year, but the town of Boston runners a team participating in the competition already Foster wore studded shoes and reaped victory after victory. Rumors of his shoes spread rapidly and studs shoes became popular among top athletes. Initially shoes were sewn from individual orders for each athlete. Runner define your foot on the paper and the outline sent to the Fosters workshop. There, Joseph, together with his sons, taking into account characteristics of athlete foot, made a pair of studded shoes. Foster became a real breakthrough in the discovery of athletics and greatly improved athletic achievements. His models Foster Deluxe Spike "and" Flyer "forever changed the course, and the best left-studded running shoes for the next 50 years.

1904, is entered "J. W. Foster & Co. Studded shoes, Alfred Shrubb without competition won the 10-mile race and reached the world record. 1906 year. The company first title was "J. W. Foster & Co.

1906 Joseph, the birth of sons, changed it to "J. W. Foster & Sons. The current name of the Reebok matured in 1958 proposed the grandson of its founder, Joseph Foster. The idea was that fast and a miniature of this brand shoes conjures up an ambulance African antelope.

1908 year. Foster running shoes were manufactured manually Olympic workshop "(so named for the factory).

1909 year. Foster creates a table of measurements and sizes scale. This was the first attempt to provide every runner shoes, custom-made. The test was successful. Sports define your foot and sent the following outline of the Foster agent.

1924 Olympic Games held in France leading running events specialists Karl Abraham, Karol Model BPO impressed Foster designed shoes. Their view is supported by many athletes, avėjusių studded "Old Joe" shoes. Early 30s company JWFoster & Sons has been known in his native England.

1948 -1952 years - founder of the company grandsons Joe and Jeff, according to family tradition, begins to learn the subtleties of the craft "Olympic workshop.

1958 companies are getting better. The release of the new sneakers model Mercury, the company temporarily called "Mercury Sports Footwear.

1960 -1979 years - Boton (England) opens the main office. The company officially named Reebok International.

1979 Chicago American dealer tourist facilities Poll Fayerman with Joe Foster signed a sales agreement and is entitled to represent the Reebok in the United States.

1982 - U.S. female population begins aerobics boom. Reebok company is not indifferent to the American passion. Quickly persiorientavusi, it presents market models "Freestyle" and "Princess." The first specifically for women to create models abysmal among attracted huge success. However Poll Fayerman stopped - his agents flooded the gyms. Each instructor has been handed a free pair of shoes and offers an additional percentage of the sales of these shoes for advertising. It is these two booms in America have contributed to the latest Poll Fayerman snapped company from Foster grandchildren.

The year 1985 - Poll Fayerman acquired company from Joe Foster (Jr.) and combines the American company and Reebok International into one - called her Reebok International Ltd.. The company becomes a public limited company in which 16% owned Poll Fayermanui.

1986 - 1988 years old - fast growing company acquires companies Avia Reebok and Rockport.

In 1987 - Reebok is expanding the range of products and delivers basketball models.

1989 Reebok introducing a muscle-pump system. In October 1992, the 27th State in the U.S. Patent Office gives the company Reebok in the invention patent.

1993 - the company has to change the Reebok logo. The British government flatly prohibited the use of national symbols in advertising. Company Leo Bernet has developed a new logo in vector format.

In 2000, the company Reebok with the National Football League have signed an agreement for an exclusive collaboration. Reebok  acquires license to sell NFL merchandise for all 32 NFL teams.

In 2001, the company signed a long-term strategic contract with the National Basketball Association. Reebok designs, manufactures, sells licensed merchandise in the NBA, the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the National Basketball with developments League (NBDL) - lower level of the NBA League.

Beginning of 2002 the company is launching the Universal marketing campaign. Participating in the selection of Reebok athletes and most successful hip-hop, rap performers. Reebok became the first company managed to unite their productions sport, music and technology.

In 2003, Reebok launched an incredibly productive collaboration with a rap musician Jay-Z. Later that same year, Reebok has established successful relationships with other superstar - 50 Cent.

In 2004, Reebok became the main ice hockey apparel and equipment manufacturer in the world. Brands also has signed a long term licensing agreement with the National Hockey League - the company supplies knitwear for all 30 NHL teams. Reebok has the exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture knitwear for the NHL name and logo. The company also has an exclusive arrangements with the Canadian Hockey League and American Hockey League. In the same 2004, the company successful collaboration with music producer and artist Pharrell Williams has led to a new line of Ice Cream from happening.

In early 2005 the Reebok RBK entered the hockey arena: it was presented to the new modern ice hockey equipment, sticks and skates ultra-high performance line. It took two years, and short-lived RBK hockey has become one of the most visible and the most demanded hockey brands in the market.

In the same year 2005 Reebok brands have launched the largest advertising campaign in its history, "I Am What I Am." It participates in contemporary youth idols: Jay-Z, Daddy Yankee and 50 Cent; famous athletes - Allen Iverson, Donovan Mcnabb, Kurt Schilling, Kelli Holmes, Iker Casillas, and Yao Ming, the screen stars like Lucy Liu, John Leguizamo, and Christina Ricci well-known skateboarder Steve Williams.

In 2006, the company merged with Reebok German firm Adidas. The merger of these companies, shoes sales American markets rose to 11.7 billion dollars. Experts estimate that the adidas and Reebok research and dissemination of units already in the first three years has saved more than 100 million.

In 2006, Pharrell Williams once again participated in the development of a new model of shoes from the Board Flip II Iconic Ice Cream line. Inspired by skate culture, Reebok company creates shoes, linking the subtle design and skateboarders vital reliability and protection. Daily Board Flip shoes designed skate style, printed with a number of drawings, with classic waffle ice cream handset image on the tongue - Ice Cream Line logo and shoe counter is decorated with Cones and Bones logo. Bright and shoes on the image gives the required mood and leaves a lasting impression.

Along with the popular Dutch DJ Tiesto Reebok presents a unique collection designed specifically for dance floors. RBK DJ Collection used technological elements (with additional shock absorption pad for comfort while dancing, a unique material that creates a glow in night clubs). This is a - an ideal choice for lovers of nightclubs.

Reebok has repeatedly worked with athletes - vivid personalities, whose individuality is revealed not only in competition, but also in everyday life. Promotional campaigns matured attended Kluft Carolina, players Andrej Shevchenko, Thierry Henry and Iker Casillas.

In August 2006 the London press conference the company Reebok announced a long-term cooperation with soccer star Andriy Shevchenko. He participated in the new Rbk promotional football campaign entitled "You think you know me?". This motto reveals yet more matured the concept of "I am what I am" ("I am, I am I").

In 2007, the line was "Run easy. Unlike most other manufacturers, Reebok introduced the possibility to realize themselves and to become free from the running to get the satisfaction and joy. She first made it possible to run easily.

Universal Reebok marketing campaign, "Your move" began in March 2008. Revealed how Reebok brands, particularly in view of individuality and ready to support those who have decided to go their own way.

In the summer of 2008, Reebok and the famous racing driver Lewis Hamilton has announced a long-term cooperation. Hamilton vividly demonstrated how Reebok Smoothfit helps him prepare better than ever before.

In 2009, the main Reebok designers, in close collaboration with a former NASA engineer Bill McInnisu, has developed a new line of Reebok EasyTone shoes. Its products help women to train the legs and buttocks muscles turn. News quickly gained popularity not only stars, but also simple in appearance-conscious women.

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