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Rastaclat is an accessories brand based in Long Beach, California. Founded on the roots of the sneaker and skateboarding culture, Rastaclat aims to spread positive vibes in a world with so many negative energies. It doesnt utilize gimmicks to sell or hop on a bandwagon for social cause just because it is popular at the moment. What it guarantees is a product that will get you noticed – accessories that encourage confidence, style, and freedom of expression.Rastaclat founder and designer Daniel Kasidi Nyaggah started making his signature bracelets in high school.When not in class, he would spend his free time working for Liberty Boardshop in Brea where shoe sales reps would always come by and distribute free shoes to help push their brands. 


 One night, out of boredom, Nyaggah braided one of his extra shoelaces, burned the ends so much that it formed a knot, and slapped the thing around his wrist. The following day he wore his “bracelet” to school and without advertising it, at least 10 people asked him to make them the same bracelet in their own colorway. What started as a natural form of expression for Nyaggah became the Rastaclat movement that is now making waves in street fashion.

Rastaclat’s philosophy is to keep it simple and fresh. Instead of crafting out pieces from other peoples ideas, Rastaclat innovates and sets its products apart from what’s out there.

Rastaclat bracelets come in a wide variety of colors and at such an affordable price you can afford to buy a bunch of them. Wear one or stack em up, Rastaclat bracelets are a reflection of your individual style. The Rastaclat collection offers five categories: Classics, Sports, Sneakerhead, Hemp, and Limited Edition.

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