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Between producers most important goal - the higher profit, but in the world still exists companies whose greatest ambition - to provide customers with the highest quality product. It is for such merit should be commended luxury brand hats Flat Fitty. For more than 8 years Flat Fitty buyers can enjoy the exceptional quality and design hats. Company history began in 2004 when the future founder of Tian Waters realized that the then market there are many very similar, cheap and pale-looking hats. In times hats were more important than the mass fashion or style statement. hile clothing and footwear manufacturers reached unprecedented heights of design, hats makers in this regard was relatively poor position.


So Flat Fitty knew what the market wanted, and tried to develop the manufacture of hats, which are in line with the expensive branded clothing, shoes and nominal levels. Flat Fitty believes that the cap in any situation, at any time to have a look flawlessly. This is well reflected in the fact that the company executives of selected employees and each of them had at least seven years experience in the industry! Although the caps are made from selected materials and is responsible for their precision stitching machines from Japan, each order is still carefully examined workers have sewing time.

And now, the Flat Fitty hats can be found in more than 800 stores that are located in 80 countries around the world, it can be said that the company has met its target. Flat Fitty stands out not only the highest quality, but also the design. They are trying to innovate everywhere, and can boast that their first caps began to use 3D graphics drawings. Colorful, wild patterns, attention-catching detail has won recognition both among ordinary people as well as among celebrities: Raekwon, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne. One of the worlds most famous dance group JabbaWockeeZ even officially became a company ambassador Flat Fitty share a close relationship with hip-hop legend DJ DJ Who Kid.

To date, Flat Fitty can take pride in that, among the many hats manufacturers are highlighted as a top-class quality and stylish hats developers. While the company is currently trying to tighten their belts by reducing production costs, Flat Fitty says that they are always willing to spend more if the caps will improve the quality and appearance. We and the customers especially appreciatethat!

Flat Fitty Cubert Camper Cap
20.00 28.00

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