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Converse - Footwear gamtintoja whose shoes are probably recognizable around the world as easily as Coca-Cola or iPod player. States that as much as 60% of the U.S. population in his life had at least one Converse All Star Chuck Taylor model pair. Thus, the history of the company began in 1908 when a young guy Marquis M. Converse opened the Converse Rubber Corporation in the store, which sold seasonal winter shoes. Later, the founder decided that it would be better that the company not only produce shoes for the winter season, but all year. So they began to produce the shoes for athletes. Since that time the popularity of basketball grew strongly, they chose to create a special basketball players shoes. So after research and testing, in 1917 the world saw the Converse All Star "- the first company basketball shoes. Debut color - brown suede and black outsole.


After a few years, and appeared in full black leather, and this pattern of shoes. In particular, contributed to the popularity of professional basketball player Chuck Taylor. He wore Converse All Star shoes and a few years later officially joined the Converse company.

1923 Converse Chuck was awarded for his contribution to attach the company logo with his name on the Converse All Star shoes. Thus was born the first nominal basketball shoes. The popularity of the shoes and basketball, both among ordinary people has grown very quickly. During World War II produced the Converse shoes and outfit American soldiers, pilots, and all the troops. NBA appearance thanks to Converse began producing a variety of colors Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes that NBA teams can adapt them to your outfit. Occurred and the model low-profile version. Children, college players, professionals - all wore this model. It also started to produce shoes wrestlers, shoes skiing.

But after a few years began failure: 1969. Chuck died, appeared in a number of new competitors, including their Nike. But the converse did not. In 1976 the company joined the basketball star Julius Erving, otherwise known Dr. J. Converse has named him as soon as basketball shoes Converse Pro Leather shoes. The company also began to focus on obtaining technical information, was founded in 1981 in the biomechanics laboratory.

In 1984. Converse has become a partner of the Olympic Games, the U.S. basketball players wore only Converse basketball shoes. 1986 introduced yet another innovation full model Converse Weapon. With it presents and promotional campaign "Choose Your Weapon". It was attended by the brightest NBA stars Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. 21st century company were met by a number of eloquent - has sold more than 75 million "Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes 143 pairs of countries around the world, is there a company in bankruptcy. In 2003, Nike company saved it for 305 million. dollars bought Converse. After this transaction, everything is like back in its proper place. Converse continues to deliver iconic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes, new versions, as well as other presents stylish casual footwear models, unforgettable and new basketball shoe design.

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